Approved Methods of Paying Suppliers:

ProCard is the preferred method of payment.

ItemProCardPO thru PORTDirect Payment FormNotes
Memberships, licensures, and organizational duesYesYesNo
Utility bills / Electric & CableYesYesNo
Subscriptions YesYesNo
Publications, reprints, books, and educational DVD’s YesYesNo
Interlibrary loans YesYesExceptionFor Joyner, Laupus and Music Libraries only
Accreditation feesYesYesNo
Postage - Post Office PurchasesYesNoNo
Federal Express charges YesYesNo
Food servicesYesYesNo
Refunds for application feesNoNoYes
Restaurant charges – must include business purpose, agenda, attendees list, and itemized receipt - Non-Travel relatedYesYesNoDepartment house account with the restaurant and as approved by Materials Management
Non-ECU Employee Teacher workshop payments
*See note below
NoNoNoPayable on CSPR form or possibly Dual Employment
Tort claims and depositionsNoNoYes
Insurance premiumsNoYesNo
Petty cash requestsNoNoExceptionImprest Cash Funds and Change Funds
Hotel bills - Non -Employee travel. Employee travel refer to the ECU Travel ManualYesYesNoDepartment house account with hotel and as approved by Materials Management
Registrations - must have date of meeting and completed registration form.YesYesNo
Airline ticketsYesNoNo
Advertising - must include tear sheets YesYesNo
On-line charges YesNoNoDepartment house account with vendor and as approved by Materials Management
* University sponsored events with a registration component and/or the need to accept payments can be facilitated with a U-Store. Please contact Robin Mayo at for assistance.