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Invoice Payments to VendorsAccounts Payable
Direct PaymentsAccounts Payable
1099Accounts Payable
Collection of Non-Student and Non-Patient AccountsAccounts Receivable
Account Balance / Journal Entries - State FundsCash Management
Setup of ACH and wire payments Cash Management
Tuition & FeesCashier's Office
Tuition BillingCashier's Office
Tuition Due DatesCashier's Office
Tuition Payment MethodsCashier's Office
Tuition RefundsCashier's Office
Tuition Credit and Credit BalancesCashier's Office
Student Account StatusCashier's Office
1098-TCashier's Office
WithdrawalCashier's Office
Chrome River Questions (Travel/ProCard)Chrome River
Departments with a Documented Business Need to Collect PaymentseCommerce
Risk ManagementEnterprise Risk Management
Financial Aid Loans and Status of Student Loans Financial Aid Office
Annual Financial StatementsFinancial Reporting & Capital Budgeting
Capital AssetsFinancial Reporting & Capital Budgeting
W-9, ECU Certificate of Exemption, Credit ApplicationsControllers Office
Fixed Assets Tagging EquipmentFixed Assets
Account Balance / Journal Entries - Foundation FundsFoundations
Gift RecordsFoundations
Foundation Fund Purchasing/Fund QuestionsFoundations
Foundation Scholarship QuestionsFoundations
Imprest Cash Funds and Change FundsImprest Cash
Account Balance / Journal Entries - Institutional Trust Funds/Special FundsInstitutional Trust Funds
Payment of wages and wage deductionsPayroll Office
Payroll Tax Forms (W-2, W-4, NC-4)Payroll Office
Payroll Direct Deposit Forms and updates to direct deposit informationPayroll Office
Request to Reduce Pay FormPayroll Office
Handling of Payment Cards and Cardholder DataPCI – Payment Card Industry
Obtaining a Purchasing CardProCard
Updating ProCard limitProCard
Purchases Allowed on ProCardProCard
Establish and Maintain Research Service CentersResearch Service Centers
Third Party Vendor Payments and Billing (for Student),
Veteran Student Information, 529 Plans,
NCVA Scholarship Recipients,
Student Accounting
Repayment of Federal Perkins Loans and Health Profession LoansCollections Office
Setting Up a New Vendor (Creating a Banner ID)Supplier Management
Updating Vendor InformationSupplier Management
ODS QueriesSystems Coordination
Banner 9, Self Service BannerSystems Coordination
ePrintSystems Coordination
ecuBICSystems Coordination
Travel QuestionsTravel Office
Banner Finance SecuritySystems Coordination





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