In support of the NC Statewide Electronic Commerce Program (SECP), as well as the desires of our customers, patients and donors, ECU has established multiple channels for inbound electronic payments.  In its normal course of business, ECU accepts VISA®, MasterCard®, Discover® and in limited areas, American Express®.  Campus departments with a documented business need to collect payments can inquire about utilizing one or more of the currently available options listed below.  Some of these payment methods may include a one time fee, however, regardless of the payment method(s) selected all electronic payments will be subject to merchant processing fees which are typically no more than 2% of the total transaction dollar volume.


Point-of-sale (POS) Terminal

Campus departments who have a consistent need to accept in-person payments may benefit from a POS Terminal, which is a stationary device connected to the internet to process payments in moments by swiping or inserting payment cards.  If desired, the POS Terminal can be accompanied by a pin pad to allow for customer self service.  These are available for a one-time fixed cost.

Cellular POS Terminal

Campus departments who have a consistent need to accept in-person payments at various locations on and off campus may benefit from a Cellular POS Terminal.  Cellular POS Terminals work in the same manner as a traditional POS Terminal, but they do not require internet connectivity since they operate utilizing a cellular connection.

POS Terminal Rental Program

Campus departments who have a limited need to collect in-person payments can inquire about our Cellular Point-of-sale (POS) Terminal Rental Program.  This program allows campus departments to utilize a university-owned Cellular POS Terminal for a pre-defined period of time, without the financial burden of purchasing a POS Terminal.

TouchNet Marketplace U-Store (online storefront)

Campus departments with a desire to collect payments online for various purposes such as event registrations, accounts receivable, sale of goods/services, etc are strongly encouraged to consider utilizing a U-Store.  The U-Store provides a compliant manner of accepting payments online while allowing the department to customize the look and feel of their U-store.

Clover Station

Campus departments with a business operation that might typically utilize a cash register and/or cash drawer might find interest in the Clover Station.  The Clover station is a state of the art, app based, space saving counter-top POS system that can take payments, track inventory, and run reports.  It comes with a cash drawer, receipt printer and pin pad equipped to accept EMV chip cards.

Specialized POS Software

Campus departments with a need for specialized POS software are highly encouraged to evaluate software/vendors which are TouchNet Ready Partners.  TouchNet Ready Partners are vendors who have developed specialized software which integrates with the University’s primary payment gateway, TouchNet, for the purposes of processing online payments.  The list changes often and vendors can always become partners by completing an application process and paying a one-time fee.  Click the following link to view the current TouchNet Ready Partners.