Information for Staff

Faculty/Staff Tuition & Fee Waiver

The State of North Carolina offers a tuition waiver program (G.S. 116-143 and Administrative Memorandum #92) for the educational assistance of ECU employees and employees of the U.N.C. System. An eligible employee is allowed to take three credit bearing courses in an academic year at no cost to the employee. Please refer to the Faculty/Staff Tuition Waiver Policy for specific employment eligibility criteria, exclusions and other related eligibility criteria.

The deadline to submit an approved Faculty/Staff Waiver is by 5:00PM on the last day for registration and schedule adjustments (drop/add) per the Academic Calendar.  Please see Academic Calendars for dates for the applicable semester.

Payroll Deduction

Online Tuition Payroll Deduction will be available beginning Monday, October 16, 2023.  Enrollment will be opened through December 11, 2023 for the Spring 2024 semester via the Pirate Port PAYROLL DEDUCTION link.  Eligible employees can sign up to pay for their own student account balances, if registered for classes, or that of one or more student relatives.  In order to facilitate participation in online tuition payroll deduction for student relatives, the faculty/staff member should have been granted access to financial student records and information by the student via the Pirate Port Buckley form.

Payroll Deduction Start Date:     November 15, 2023
Payroll Deduction End Date:       March 31, 2024
Last Date to Edit Deduction:       March 15, 2024

Once available, the Spring 2024 tuition rates will be published online at Tuition & Fees.

You may contact the Cashier’s Office at or 252-737-6886 for more information.