Tuition Payment Information

-Schedules must be paid in full to be protected against cancellation for non-payment-

To be considered paid in full, the ECU Cashier’s Office takes into account “Memo” or “Authorized” Financial Aid that has been awarded, and all other payment types referenced above as long as all payment methods are received or notated on student accounts prior to the late fee assessment and schedule cancellation dates. Payments not received by the close of business – usually 5:00 p.m. – on late fee assessment or schedule cancellation date will result in the application of late fees and/or schedule cancellation for non-payment.

Mailing Payments

Payments by mail should be postmarked by the postmark date for each term noted in the Important Dates Document found here: Important Dates (PDF). Payments mailed after the postmark date may not be received in time to avoid a processing fee and/or avoid schedule cancellation.

Making Payments Online

Students will log into Pirate Port using their PiratelD and Passphrase. Students will then click on the “The Tuition Statements, 1098-T Statements and Payments”. This will log users directly into the e-Billing web portal where users can make payments online, view Bills, and view current account activity. Authorized users will receive an email notification which will include the authorized user link for login.

Why do you charge a convenience fee for processing credit card?

The University has out-sourced credit card payment processing for tuition, fees, housing, and meal plan charges to TouchNet. To cover its operating costs associated with processing card payments and with maintaining its information and technology infrastructure, TouchNet charges a 2.95% fee on credit card transactions processed. The convenience fee was determined by TouchNet as part of the outsourcing agreement for services.

“Free” Online Payment Options

Students and authorized users can pay online with an E-check from a non-foreign bank account without incurring additional costs

Do you accept checks online (also known as e-Checks) from a non-United States bank account?

Yes.  ECU provides a streamlined payment option for international students through TransferMate.  Pay your tuition and fees in your local currency from nearly any country.

Making International Payments Online

A payment can be made online using nearly any foreign bank account by logging into PiratePort then select “Tuition Statements, 1098-T Statements and Payments” option.  Users will be sent directly into the e-Billing web portal.  Go to the “Make Payment” tab, choose “International Pmt” from the dropdown box.  Watch this video for a quick demo!

There is a fee to use the online international payment system.  Please note online payments from a foreign bank account are not an instant transfer of funds between the bank and ECU Cashier’s Office.

Make sure to process your payment to arrive to ECU prior to late fee assessment and schedule cancellation dates.  The Cashier’s Office cannot accept payments in the office from a foreign bank account or in foreign currency.

When will my online payment show on my account?

Online payments will post to the student’s account immediately. Other than the convenience fee charges that will calculate at payment check out, the change in credit card processor from ECU to TouchNet should be transparent to users.

Is it safe to make payments online?

Yes, it is safe to make payments online through ECU’s Bill Payment software. Online payment services are provided by TouchNet, a PCI-compliant software provider. The PCI Data Security Standard is a set of stringent security requirements that must be followed by any service provider (TouchNet) or merchant (ECU) accepting credit card payments. These requirements are enforced by credit card companies and are reviewed annually by a third-party auditing firm. Some of the controls in place are the use of Secure Socket Layer encryption (SSL) to protect payment information as it travels over the Internet and industry-leading encryption algorithms that render card data unreadable when stored by TouchNet.

Be sure to look for the padlock () near the site address to ensure the web site visited utilizes encryption to protect data in transit.

Partial Payments

The student or authorized user has the flexibility to pay any portion of the bill by typing in the amount to be paid in the space provided. Please note that students and authorized users need to verify that account balances are paid in full or secured with pending financial aid disbursements and/or other third party payments to prevent schedule cancellation.

Wire Transfer

For some students, particularly international students, wiring payments is an easy and convenient method. When wiring, it is important to realize that specific information is needed to credit your individual account with the payment. For more information on sending a wire, contact the Cashier’s Office at or 252-737-6886.
NOTE: There may be banking fees associated with the transfer of these funds. The student is responsible for payment of these charges.

Bank Bill Pay Services

ECU accepts checks for payment of tuition and fees generated from bank bill pay services. Please note this payment type does not create an instant transfer of funds between the bank and ECU Cashier’s Office. Schedule your payment to arrive at ECU prior to late fee assessment and schedule cancellation dates. Usually, there is not a remittance advice provided with the check, so please include the student’s name and Banner ID in the memo section of the check if possible. Also email the cashier office at to notify the office of the scheduled bill payment.

For questions on Tuition & Fees, billing, due dates, payment methods, refunds, credits, or anything tuition related, please contact the Cashier’s Office at:

Phone: 252-737-6886 (Call Center)
1-888-331-5328 (Call Center – Toll Free)

Fax: 252-328-2413